Thursday, February 28, 2013

See ya later, ACL!

So I was in a skiing class for the first block, and it was so much fun. And then on the last run of the last day, I took a nice little fall. Definitely wasn't my first fall, and it won't be my last. But during this fall, my left ski got caught under my right knee, and I kept tumbling down the mountain.


And twisting.

And then 'POP'!

And then I was laying in a pile.

And then I was getting tobogganed  down the mountain, wrapped like a burrito.

Now I'm in a straight leg brace and on crutches.

I tore my ACL. :( Well, my doctor is pretty sure I tore my ACL. I have an MRI scheduled for Tuesday, so we shall find out for sure then.

I was pretty mad and depressed yesterday. I feel like I have been injured ever since my freshman year of high school! I thought of all the awesome things I had planned for the rest of this semester and during the summer that may not happen anymore. I was in a lot of pain, and I was so frustrated that I was injured AGAIN. Especially this-tearing your ACL is a big deal! It takes a long time to fully recover from a torn ACL.

Rockin' the super awesome brace.

Can you tell how swollen my left knee is? 

But it's all going to be ok, ya know? It might take awhile to get completely better, but I will get there! It may be a long road, but that's ok. I mean, I've already gotten to ride down the mountain in a toboggan! That was a pretty exciting adventure that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't gotten hurt.

FaithI have realized some other things that were totally getting me ready for this injury.

One, the required age for sister missionaries for my church was changed from 21 to 19. Basically all of my friends have decided to serve a mission, which is totally awesome and they are all going to be fantastic missionaries. I had decided not to serve a mission now, which totally works out because I would have been delayed by a year or so!

Also, I had applied for a way sweet summer job, but I wasn't accepted because I wasn't 21. Second job that turned me down because I am too young. Haha. But instead, I will get to work at Camp Firewalker again!! Which will be so fun, and a lot easier with a gimp knee.

 Funny how everything always works out, isn't it? :) 


  1. Sorry you got hurt, Hannah. :( I hope you have a very speedy recovery!

  2. oh man Hannah :( Way to have a positive outlook on that... after seeming to be a few days. You rock girl- nothing can keep you down!


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