Monday, December 10, 2012


Dear Finals Week,

I don't actually hate you as much as you might think. In fact, you often bring a lot of happy memories. I guess you could say we have a love/hate relationship. For example:

Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the semester. It was a great break in between our reading days and the start of test taking. My awesome friends Jena and Mackenzie gave wonderful talks in church. They are both going to be amazing missionaries. Watch out, New Hampshire and Argentina!! :)

I chilled with my roommates after church, and I love them! We laughed so much yesterday. :) We were all in denial about finals, but we didn't have any homework to do. Hence, we got to hang a lot more than normal.

We had a little jam session last night. I played my flute and Brooke and Liesl both sang lots and lots of Christmas songs. I totally loved it! They both have gooor-geous voices that covered up my squeaky fluting. :)

Johanna and I made the best brownies we have made all semester. Chocolate chips, freaking rich choclate frosting, and peppermints on the top. Boom baby. Pretty sure we could have eaten the entire pan.
Photo cred: Johanna. :)

During finals week, I feel like it is more socially acceptable to rock the bun and the sweats. Which is great, because I do that anyways. I just feel better about myself when I see other people working the same bum look as me.

People are extra nice during finals week. Last year, some people were walking around the library handing out cookies and wishing everyone good luck on their tests. :) So kind.

And after finals week comes the best part of the entire semester. I get to go home and see my family!! I can't wait to hang out with my brothers-I love them!

So here's to making happy memories during our last week of this semester. Best of luck to everyone else that is in the middle of finals too! You got this!! :)
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