Monday, August 20, 2012

My brother is home!

Ok, so some of you may realize that this post is about two weeks late. Better late than never though, right? :) My older brother Neil has been serving a mission for the Church of Jesuse Christ of Latter-Day Saints for the past two years. He was assigned to serve in the Sofia Bulgaria mission. He absolutely loved his mission! He was blessed to serve alongside the mission president for a good chunk of his mission, and loved it. He has told us lots of great stories about those he served in Bulgaria. And now he is home!! :) I have totally loved having him home. He is basically the exact same as before he left, just a bit more spiritual now. But just as hilarious! One of the best parts of having him home has been to see him try to adjust to life in America again. Some funny things he said the first day he was home:
  • In Bulgaria, they shake their heads for yes and nod for no. So it's backwards from us. This is probably the funniest part of his culture adjustment. We were at Qdoba, and the lady making his burrito was SO confused. It was great. :)
  • "The toilet paper is SO SOFT here!"
  • "The doorknobs spin, weird."
  • "I feel like I'm in a model home!" (He is used to the communist block housing, I guess.)
  • And he keeps using Bulgarian words without really realizing it.
  • He still can't pray in English. I love hearing him pray in Bulgarian though. :)
Those are just a few of the fun parts of having him home. I have missed my big brother, and I'm so happy to have him home again!
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