Thursday, February 28, 2013

See ya later, ACL!

So I was in a skiing class for the first block, and it was so much fun. And then on the last run of the last day, I took a nice little fall. Definitely wasn't my first fall, and it won't be my last. But during this fall, my left ski got caught under my right knee, and I kept tumbling down the mountain.


And twisting.

And then 'POP'!

And then I was laying in a pile.

And then I was getting tobogganed  down the mountain, wrapped like a burrito.

Now I'm in a straight leg brace and on crutches.

I tore my ACL. :( Well, my doctor is pretty sure I tore my ACL. I have an MRI scheduled for Tuesday, so we shall find out for sure then.

I was pretty mad and depressed yesterday. I feel like I have been injured ever since my freshman year of high school! I thought of all the awesome things I had planned for the rest of this semester and during the summer that may not happen anymore. I was in a lot of pain, and I was so frustrated that I was injured AGAIN. Especially this-tearing your ACL is a big deal! It takes a long time to fully recover from a torn ACL.

Rockin' the super awesome brace.

Can you tell how swollen my left knee is? 

But it's all going to be ok, ya know? It might take awhile to get completely better, but I will get there! It may be a long road, but that's ok. I mean, I've already gotten to ride down the mountain in a toboggan! That was a pretty exciting adventure that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't gotten hurt.

FaithI have realized some other things that were totally getting me ready for this injury.

One, the required age for sister missionaries for my church was changed from 21 to 19. Basically all of my friends have decided to serve a mission, which is totally awesome and they are all going to be fantastic missionaries. I had decided not to serve a mission now, which totally works out because I would have been delayed by a year or so!

Also, I had applied for a way sweet summer job, but I wasn't accepted because I wasn't 21. Second job that turned me down because I am too young. Haha. But instead, I will get to work at Camp Firewalker again!! Which will be so fun, and a lot easier with a gimp knee.

 Funny how everything always works out, isn't it? :) 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Cultural Diorama

Adventurous Mormon Girl

My first artifact is an Air Force flag! My dad serves in the United States Air Force, so I have been raised as a military brat. I have lived in California, Germany, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Virginia, which really is not very many places for a military brat. This flag is a symbol of my culture because the Air Force is the reason I have experienced many different cultures and met so many different people. My middle school in Virginia and my high school in Colorado are exact opposites, but I have learned to appreciate and love both experiences. Being able to live in many different places has helped my family grow closer and it has also helped us all become better at making new friends.  I love to travel and was able to travel in Europe this summer. The Air Force has sent my dad all over the world, and that has shaped my life because it has taught me to love new people, places, food, and to always be open to new experiences.

 This picture shows my CTR ring and a copy of the Book of Mormon, both of which represent my religious culture. CTR stands for Choose The Right, and my ring reminds me daily to make the correct choices that I am taught in the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. My religion has had a huge impact on my life, as it has molded my attitude and outlook on life. Being raised LDS, or Mormon, has taught me the purpose of life on earth and has given me hope through my trials. The testimony I have of this gospel has helped me throughout my life, as I know I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father and that He has a plan for me. My religion has led me to study at Brigham Young University, where I am surrounded by others that believe the same things I do. As a member of the LDS faith, I do not participate in many activities that your typical college student may enjoy, but I have so much fun at school with all of my friends. My faith has impacted my life because it has taught me how to make correct choices that make me truly happy and is constantly helping grow into a better person. My religion has shaped me because the gospel is not just something I know is true, but it is a way of life that I love

 My climbing shoes are a symbol of my culture because I lived in Colorado for all of high school and my favorite part of Colorado is the outdoor adventures you can have there. Because I lived in Colorado for so long and experienced the culture of outdoor fun, I love to be outside more than anything else. My friends from Colorado taught me how to climb and climbing has now become one of my favorite things to do! Climbing taught me to work hard at something and not give up until I accomplish my goal. Outdoor fun is a big aspect of the culture in Colorado, and many afternoons and weekends were spent in the mountains. I plan on spending many more days outside in our beautiful world! 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hair Scare

So I have this disease. It's called once-my-hair-gets-long-I-want-to-chop-it-all-off-syndrome. It's the worst right before summer. Once I catch summer fever, I just want to cut all my hair off. I have done it multiple times, and typically regret it every time. So, in order to overcome this temptation, I'm comparing pictures to remind myself what I will look like with short hair and what I will NOT look like if I cut my hair.

 I saw Safe Haven on Valentine's Day, (It was really good, I recommend it!!) and I totally fell in love with her hair. It was SO cute and absolutely perfect the entire movie. So this is what I would want to look like if I chopped off my hair. I would especially enjoy the chilling on the beach with Josh Duhamel part of this picture. :) Isn't her hair adorable?

Another picture of her hair. SO CUTE. 

Now this is what I look like with short hair. I look like a child.  Not cute. 

This is the long hair shot. Still not cute, but at least I don't look 12, right?

So please don't let me chop my hair off!! It's nice when people think I have graduated from high school. When I had short hair and people would ask what grade I was in, they thought I meant freshman in high school. Not college. Awkward! Now whenever I have the urge to chop these locks off, I will compare child Hannah hair to gorgeous Julianne Hough hair. And then I will cancel my hair appointment. :) 

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