Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Awkward Interview

My parents went on a cruise to Alaska last summer, and they totally loved it. When they docked, a bus guide would take them to see the sights of that city. One of their bus guides was a BYU student, and told my parents how great his job was. I saw an ad for this job on campus the other day, and decided to apply for it! I like adventures, and a summer job in Alaska definitely sounded like an adventure. So I filled out the application and submitted it. I didn't have my heart set on actually working in Alaska, but decided to apply and see what happened. I thought it would take awhile for anyone to get back to me about it, but they sent up an interview for the next day!

Ketchikan Alaska-where I applied to work this summer!

So I dressed up a little bit this morning in preparation for my interview. Nothing too drastic, but nicer than my classic jeans and t-shirt look. I got out of class early, and set off for my interview listening to inspirational songs. I walked into my interview feeling confident and so ready to prove what an epic tour guide I would be. She started the interview off with a couple really easy questions. "Have you ever been charged with a DUI?" Nope, definitely not. "Have you ever been found in possession of drugs?" Nope! I was rocking the interview so far.

Then she asked if I was going to be 21 be the middle of February.

Uh... no. I just turned 19 in July, so I will only be 20 by the end of this summer.

"Well", says my interviewer, "that means you actually aren't old enough for this job. Thanks for your interest though."

And that was the end of my very awkward and embarrassing job interview. We walked past the secretary of the office about 30 seconds after asking her for the key to the room. Wonder what she thinks happened? Haha.

But on the bright side, that's one less option I have to consider as I decide what epic job I want to do this summer! :)
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