Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So Stoked for Summer

I just wanted to let you all know that I am incredibly excited for summer. It's going to be one of the best so far. :) Here are some things I have to look forward to the summer:

In May, I will be doing a lot of babysitting and spending my weekends working up at Lake Wellington. I love babysitting, the lake is going to be great. So May will be splendid.
Lake Wellington. Be jealous. :)

Then I will spend June and July working at Camp Firewalker again.  But wanna know why it's going to be extra exciting this year? Because my best friend AND my favorite little brother will both be working there! We are going to have so much fun up in the mountains together. :)  

I will hopefully not be a gimp anymore at this point, but keep your fingers crossed that I will be able to work at camp without too much difficulty! But I will always have my way cute brother there to carry me around if I need him too, right? :)

I will also get to spend some quality time with my family, whom I love oh so very much. Here are some picy pics to show how adorable we are. :) I love my family and I can't wait to be with them!

Then the plan is to spend a fair amount of August traveling around Europe with a couple of my friends. :) More details on that later, as we figure them out! But Europe is actually happening this time, don't you worry.

Can you see why I am so anxious for summer to come? It's going to be so wonderful! But I am loving the last few weeks of this school year. It's my last few weeks with a lot of my friends, as they are leaving for their missions this summer! If you want to follow my roommates on their missions, I will post pictures and stories and other happy things on http://friendslaughtogether.blogspot.com/ It doesn't have a whole lot on their right now, but that's because only one of the seven future missionaries have left! So happy for all of them. Life is fantastic and I love it!

Also, conference was spectacular. You can watch some of those inspirational talks here. :)

Another thing. If you want to start your day on a happy note, watch this video:
Cutest and happiest thing ever. Just remember, you can help make someone else's day! :)
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