Saturday, March 30, 2013

Come What May, and Love It

Not gonna lie, I've been having a hard time the past few days. Being completely dependent on my crutches is incredibly frustrating. I still hurt a lot, and little things like getting something out of the oven or carrying a notebook are so hard. And that's frustrating, because it shouldn't be hard so carry my silly notebook from the kitchen to the couch. It's amazing how far behind I am in my schoolwork, and I only have three weeks to get caught up before the semester is over.

If this video doesn't play for you, try this.

So I was really angry, frustrated, sad, and overwhelmed today. Then I watched this video, and it made me feel better. You should watch it. My favorite part starts at 1:27-I was reminded to look at this trial with an eternal perspective, which has helped me be a little bit happier today. :) 


  1. Hannah, trials are so hard- sometimes I wish i'd been given easier ones... but I guess hard is the only way they can be. How else would we grow to become the daughters of God we want to be the the daughters of God HE KNOWS we can be?!? I love that you CHOSE to look higher than your own self and that you CHOSE to look to Heavenly Father for help. I say that because you CHOSE to watch that talk, instead of wallowing in self-despair. I look at you and see a young woman of faith! No matter what trial is thrown in your face you always come out a conquerer. Your strength and courage to keep going are awesome- in fact, you are AWESOME!

  2. Hannah, I love you. I'm so sad to hear of your pain and frustration. Thank you for sharing that is hard to keep your head up sometimes. And Heavenly Father understands and loves you still, when your head gets too heavy, and you have to hang it for a while. Even the Savior hung his head on the cross. Every day, I cling to the "Law of Compensation." I hope you can, too.


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